The 招生 and 记录 office is located in One College Centre (OCC), on the first floor.

星期一,星期四 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
星期五 8 a.m. ——中午
星期一,星期四 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
星期五 关闭





寺庙,德州76504 - 7435



Yes, by Individual Approval – 金融援助 is not available without a HS diploma or GED.


如果你从区外搬到区内, you must provide proof of residency and have lived in-district for six months, 在你的住院医师资格被更改之前. If you move from non-resident to in-district or out-of-district, you must provide proof of residency and have lived at your residency for one year 在你的住院医师资格被更改之前. Documentation accepted to show proof of residency is located in the 寺大学 目录 under admission to college. It is the student’s responsibility to change his/her residency, 举证的责任在学生身上.




Once the semester has ended and grades have been processed, you can view your courses and grades on your 自助服务 account. 如果你有任何持有,比如票, 或金融援助, you will not be able to view your grades until your holds have been removed.

How long does it take to process an on-line application?

It will take up to 3 business days for the application to be transmitted to the college and 5 business days for it to be entered into the system. 在注册期间,可能需要更长的时间来处理.

I’ve submitted my application for admission, now what?

一旦你提交了申请, you should have your official transcripts sent to 寺大学. 你会收到一封录取通知书. Included in your acceptance letter will be information on testing, accessing your 寺大学 email and 自助服务 account.

The last name on my form is wrong because I got married/divorced. 我如何在我的记录上更改我的名字?

A: This must be done in person at 招生 and 记录 located in the One College Centre. Student must present either a valid driver’s license AND a valid Social Security card with the new name, OR a copy of their marriage certificate/divorce decree, 然后填写一张信息变更表.


If you’re a Texas resident and apply for or readmission to Texas public colleges or universities and enroll as an undergraduate, you may be able to begin a new course of study with a clear academic record.

If you have credits for college courses taken ten or more years prior to the planned enrollment date, those credits (and grades) can be ignored for enrollment purposes under the “Academic Fresh Start” Law.

请记住:这是一个孤注一掷的选择. You cannot pick and choose which courses to ignore and which courses to count. 如果您选择“学术新开始”选项, you will not receive any credit for any courses you took at least ten years ago. 一旦处理,这是一个不可逆转的决定.


  • Cannot be used to fulfill new prerequisite requirements;
  • Cannot be counted toward your new degree; and
  • 不会算在你的新G里吗.P.A. 计算.

These courses will NOT be removed from your 寺大学 transcript, beside the courses a code FGV will be used to indicate these courses have been ignored.


Academic Fresh Start clears only your academic record. 当决定你是否有资格申请经济援助时, 学校仍然必须计算所有之前获得的学分. If you earned a graduate degree prior to enrolling as an undergraduate under the Academic Fresh Start option, you will only be eligible for aid available to graduate students. Contact the Director of 金融援助 for more details.

What is the difference between in-district, out-of-district, and non-resident?

Residency status is determined at the point of application submission. For residency requirements, please see the 寺大学 catalog under admission to college.


You should request your official transcript be sent to 寺大学 as soon as you apply. 请邮件

寺庙,TX 76504

When is the last day to drop, apply for degree, last day of classes, etc. 本学期?

All of the important dates for full-term classes are available in the 登记 Information section of the website. 去, click on 招生, click on Enroll Now and then click on 登记 Information.


The 寺大学 目录 can be found at our website. 去,选择资源,然后点击大学目录.


课程时间表每学期都有变动. You can view the current schedule on-line at our website, www.lifestoriescreatingamemoir.com选择资源并点击课程表.