"Create a memoir! Share your life; share your stories" We help people from all walks of life to realize the importance of leaving a written legacy for future generations.

We understand how precious memories are!

Why not share your life with them?

Lifestories is a memoir-writing workshop designed to teach people to write their personal story as a legacy for generations to come. It can be done as a one-time presentation or as a multi-session series of workshops.

Your family and friends have accompanied you on your life's odyssey. What a precious gift it would be to share your memories with them! Writing your life story will become a journey of self-discovery as well as a priceless resource of family history. It will give your descendants the opportunity to know you as a person. Everyone's "unremarkable" life is inspirational to his or her own future generations.


We can write it for you!

If writing is not your fortè

If you haven't the time or the desire to do the writing yourself, Lifestories can professionally author or ghostwrite your biography. Experienced at re-creating lives in biography form, Lifestories knows how to tell your story in your words and voice, and to capture the experiences of your life and the lessons learned along the way.

Contact us for more information and begin the process of chronicling your life history TODAY!


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