"Create a memoir! Share your life; share your stories" We help people from all walks of life to realize the importance of leaving a written legacy for future generations.

Our Services

  • Ghostwriting Services

    Rosanne has authored a number of biographies, working with both men and women, from the notable to “just plain folks.” We work with you in an interview process, sort through personal documents and photos, sometimes interviewing family members or others. The organizing and writing is done for you, fact-checked by you, and a completed manuscript is prepared. It can be published in a variety of ways and Rosanne can give you guidance on how to get that accomplished. E-mail us at info@lifestoriescreatingamemoir.com for more information.

    “I want to let Rosanne know what a great help she has been in implementing this project and how much I appreciate it. I hope that after the book is in print, she is still going to be my friend. I know I couldn’t have done this with anybody else.”
    Ralph J. Williams, Jr.
    Oak Brook, IL

    "Rosanne did a terrific job supporting me as we wrote my biography, 'Letting Go--Holding the Family Together Through Mental Illness.' I was looking for someone local to be able to do face-to-face communication. Rosanne not only met with me several times, but she personally interviewed others and visited two of my disabled children at a local nursing home. She reviewed all the documents that I gave her and was very good at weeding out what was important to the book, stopping me from including way too much detail. I would strongly recommend Rosanne as an author."
    Ronald Belanger
    Naperville, IL

Rosanne has released her book titled, From Intention to Reality: A Guide for Writing Your Own Life Story. Drawing from her experience as facilitator of the Lifestories: Creating a Memoir workshops, she has consolidated her motivational and organizational tips in a "how to" guide that is designed to kick start the reader toward the goal of chronicling his or her stories for future generations of family members. To obtain a copy of the book, e-mail Rosanne at info@lifestoriescreatingamemoir.com. The cost of the book is $11.95 plus $3.00 for shipping.

“The writing guide is full of great suggestions. I wanted to record some of the family stories, but didn’t know where to begin. The task doesn’t seem quite so intimidating after reading From Intention to Reality.
Susan K.
Minneapolis, MN

  • Coaching

    What if you still need more help? Individual and group coaching sessions are available to help get a firm start or to mentor you through the entire life story project. Just e-mail Rosanne to schedule your guidance session.
  • Community Memory Book

    A Memory Book Project is a way to gather the recollections, reflections and reminiscences of contributors in a community, class, church group, family or any other group that wishes to preserve its memories collectively. Contributors are contacted and asked to share their stories by filling out a workbook. The information is organized into book form which can be sold or distributed in other ways. Rosanne acts as a consultant for this project, offering help with the timetable, legal forms, workbook writing, printing and binding options, assembling the material, and in any other advisory capacity. When finished, the memory book will be a source of pride and historical information. It will assure that the irreplaceable stories of your organization will not be lost with time.