"Create a memoir! Share your life; share your stories" We help people from all walks of life to realize the importance of leaving a written legacy for future generations.

St. Charles Chamber of Commerce says...

"Your presentation made us stop and think about leaving behind a great memoir for others to remember our history. Everyone truly enjoyed your speech..." >>

Waubonsee Community College says...

"Because Rosanne received such positive student evaluations from her classes, I referred Elgin Community College to her when they consulted me about a workshop leader for their adult writing program..." >>

Downtown St. Charles Partnership says...

"You will be pleased to know that we have received such comments as: Excellent - what a great way to share memories..." >>

Schaumburg Public Library says...

"The attendees were very enthuiastic and felt that they learned a great deal about how to start and what to include. The group left quite motivated to continue this fulfilling project..." >>


Dori Berahya

St. Lawrence Catholic Church - Fairhope, AL

"What a wonderful class Rosanne Gulisano gave us on how to write your life story in a creative way that will be a treasure for future generations. Her style is user-friendly and practical, explaining how to start sorting through and organizing memories. This is the person you want guiding you through this emotional process! We are having her back to give us the longer version of her presentation.

Dori Berahya
Adult Faith Formation Coordinator

Sandy Reese

of Louisville, KY

"MEMORIES ARE IMPORTANT! That is the message I took away from a two day workshop with Rosanne Gulisano called MEMOIR WRITING. She came to Louisville, KY at my invitation to share her expertise in writing memories. There were 12 of us, recognizing a need to put into writing bits and pieces of ourselves to save not only for our children, but future generations. After all, as Rosanne said to us, within two generations each of us would be nothing more than an entry into a family tree computer print out if we don't record how we grew up, and share what we know of past family. We returned the next day so enthusiastic about what we had accomplished in such a short time that 8 of us decided to meet one day a month to continue our writing. Ten meetings later we are still encouraging each other. One of the most frequent comments at each meeting is, "This group keeps me writing my memoirs, and I always look forward to the next month's topic." I have become a passionate advocate of putting down in writing those things that help me learn how, what and who I am, and the things that shaped me from an early age. Yes, memories are important!"

Sandy Reese
Louisville, KY

Vennetta Switzer

of Naperville, IL

"Thank you for the excellent strategies you gave us in writing our memoirs of our life. I enjoyed the tips on designing our own timeline of our early memories of birthday parties, incidents in grade school and moving experiences. It made my past come alive. And it enlightened my brother and sister of things I (being the oldest) knew that they didn't. And it is going to make the pictures in our old photo album have a different meaning than just-a lot of pictures staring into a camera. It was so much fun! I hope you teach the class again."

Vennetta Switzer
Naperville, Il

Myra Hegar

"I thoroughly enjoyed the memoir sessions with you and the other women. You gave me the incentive I needed to put in writing the events in my life of which my children knew little or nothing. Your suggestions of events, people and places of which to write triggered memories that were almost forgotten. Sometimes there are so many ideas that I feel swamped. I especially enjoyed the others' reminiscences that I could relate to. So far, I have kept to a once-a-week writing schedule as you suggested. Thank you for an informative and interesting time that caused me to put down on paper my experiences."

Sincerely, Myra Hegar